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Thursday, 10 February 2022

Reading books in bed with a red light reading light

Our April podcast sponsor is a brand we’ve become borderline obsessed with for a while now: BLUBlox. They’re the original, science backed brand, providing fashionable, Australian made blue light management and red light therapy products, spotted in Vogue, GQ and Elle.

Red light portable reading light

We’ve been on an educational journey to understand more about the ways blue light can have detrimental impact on our brains. Now, we’re in no means experts, but to put it simply, here’s a quick science lesson for you…

The sun is the most natural source of blue light, and rather cleverly our brains use the light from the sun to regulate our body clocks. When the sun starts to set, this signals to our brains to start producing melatonin which prepares us for sleep.

However, with more and more artificial blue light products in our everyday lives (TVs, lightbulbs, phone screens, laptops etc), this quite understandably confuses the eff out of our brains! In fact Harvard University found that too much exposure to blue light not only disrupts our sleep but can increases our risk for multiple health issues.

Red light reading light that clips onto your book

Enter BLUBlox! They have a range of products which filter down harmful artificial blue light. Our favourite product of BLUBlox product is the Lumi Clip Sleep + which is the most perfect reading light, particularly before bed, it's red light is not only cosy and easy on the eye, but has been proven to stimulate melatonin production which improves sleep - hurrah!

It perfectly clips to your book, its rechargeable and the light is easy to manoeuvre, it's been a real game changer.

BluBLOX Lumi clip sleep+
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It's a perfect size and super lightweight, which means you can have it on you wherever you go, whether you're travelling, using to read before bed, or even just need to get up in the middle of the night and don't want to turn on a overhead light. Oh, and it also comes in a bigger size as a bedside lamp, too!

Their website is great and breaks down all the science behind their products so head to and use code BOOKRECCOS15 for 15% off all their products.

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