Dyson Airwrap review with tips for creating lasting curls

Sunday, 3 July 2022

Tips for using the Dyson Airwrap

Me and Lauren have been lusting over the Dyson Airwrap ever since it was released, but were too scared to pay the pricey sum for something that we weren't sure would work.

We've seen people have great success with it, their bouncy blow dries lasting all day, but we've also heard rubbish reviews and so when I got given one for my birthday we thought we'd share the highs and lows of the Airwrap with some tips in the hopes it helps your decision if you're thinking of purchasing your own.

What is it and what does it come with?

For those that don’t know, although I assume if you’re reading this you do, the Dyson Airwrap is a styling tool used on wet hair that both dries and styles simultaneously. It is a way of creating a bouncy blow dry without visiting the salon.

Dyson airwrap attachments explained

It comes with a range of attachments, including the hairdryer which is a mini version of Dyson’s hair dryer (a different stand alone product) so you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck with this - although it does also cost more…

Will it suit my hair type?

Firstly, I own the version for longer hair where the attachments are all slightly longer so make sure you look into buying the right kit.

I also have hair that is pretty easy to deal with - my strands of hair are quite fine but there are LOTS of them. If I leave it to dry naturally it will only have a slight wave and generally dries straight.

Lauren’s hair is naturally curly and the first use on her with it didn’t go so well, however we think we know why and so will update this blog post when we have found the key to styling curly hair with it!

My first use with the Dyson Airwrap

I very excitedly used it upon opening it when my hair wasn’t actually wet using the 30mm barrels for voluminous waves, these barrels use air to suck the hair around it and naturally "wraps" them into curls. It is mesmerising to watch but unfortunately in this instance no curls held because my hair wasn’t wet.

Feeling slightly disheartened I spent hours on Youtube and Instagram looking for tips to make the hair style hold (it was hard to find so I have created a reel on our Instagram for quick access!)

I then took it on holiday, excited to use my new techniques and it instantly dropped in the heat each night. So I can confirm that the 30mm barrels do not hold up well when it is 30C and you’re a sweaty mess.

Since returning home to the UK and using my new tips I’m pleased to report I think I’ve nailed the Airwrap and I think one of the key differences (aside from the heat) was using the 20mm barrels. See these images for proof:

Creating lasting curls with the Dyson Airwrap
I curled my hair at 1pm on Saturday, the left pic is Sunday morning and the right pic is Sunday night

How to create curls that last 3 days with the Dyson Airwrap:

  1. Your hair needs to basically be dry, only slightly wet, so make sure you’ve gone to town with the hairdryer first, especially on your roots
  2. With your fingers comb through some, but not lots, of mousse through your hair. Then brush your hair once more so it isn’t knotted
  3. Use the smaller barrel, I promise it won’t leave you with tight ragdoll looking locks, they will drop to create nice big loose curls that hold eventually
  4. Use the hottest setting, really working the ends before wrapping the whole of each strand, then whilst its all wrapped switch to the coolest heat setting. This means that curl cools whilst in the curled position (effectively like the technique they use in Liverpool where they pin their curls)
  5. Repeat all over and then use hair spray to keep it all fixed
  6. Avoid immediately combing your fingers through it, so yes you will look like an old fashioned china doll for a bit but use this time to do your make up, get changed etc. I have been known to even keep the ringlet look all the way until I reach my destination
  7. Then comb through, just with fingers is fine, and keep working it until the curls are as loose and wavy as you’d like them
  8. A bonus tip if want them to last until the next day, like the pics above, then I twist all my hair into a very loose bun (or buns) which I pin, loose is key so you can actually sleep comfortably and it hasn’t caused me a bad night sleep yet

Watch our reel going through these steps here.

Using the other attachments:

The 30mm barrel waves do hold slightly better with my above techniques but you'll likely be left with only slightly fancy looking hair throughout the day rather than the va-va-voom look. They also don't last longer than a day.

The round volumising brush holds slightly less and definitely takes more effort to use so I won't be reaching for that attachment very often.

The straightening brushes work very well on my hair, but like I said my hair mostly dries straight anyway. I've found them quite good for shaping the layers around my face to give them some life though.

I love the hairdryer and feel like my hair dries faster than with any other hairdryer - I used to have to take three shifts to dry my hair before because my arms got so tired.

Would I recco the Dyson Airwrap?

I'm very pleased to report that yes I would! But I would think a bit more about your hair type first, if yours is similar to mine or you're happy to spend a bit more time with the hairdryer first then I'd say go for it and I hope my tips work for you too.

Jess x

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